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Karnali Rafting

Karnali River Rafting is most unique and nomad wild west exploration on big volume flow of Himalayas. The scenic destination Karnali filled with superb jungle canyons, many challenging rapids, remote cultural heritage and abundant wildlife. The Karnali River is located far-west Nepal in remote hidden valley of mid hill (Mahabharat Parbat) and it was not well facilitated with modern transportation for longtime. All the necessary gear supplies are carried on by porters. Since few years back due to access opened connection with Karnali highway made quite easy to organize rafting trips. So in this time your trip will be probably unforgettable and better facilitated and capturing some superb photographs.

Your Karnali River Rafting trip will begin after starting drive from Kathmandu, it takes approximately overnight journey to Surkhet first where you will reach early morning time. We have breakfast there then continue another 4-5 hour journey to Dhungeswor put in point. You will travel via newly built Karnali highway. First day you will get few hours short rafting and overnight at soft crystal clear sandy beach campsite. The from another day the real classic style karnali rafting will begin, along the trip you will encounter some of the very popular rapids like- Sweetness and Light, Human for Lunch, Jail House, God’s House, Juicer and many nameless continue corner bent rapids day by day. Karnali rafting will be filled with exiting and pure exploration which can heal and retreat your total body, mind and soul.

River wear

shorts or half pant, T-shirts (long sleeve for sun protection), swim wear, sun cap, sun glass, suntan cream, personal water bottle, a pair of river sandal etc

For camp site

personal sleeping bag, lightweight shirts, T-shirts, trouser/pant, under garments, socks, a towel, light shoe, fleece type jacket, flash light, personal toiletries, camera, reading and writing materials, medication recommended by your private doctor or personal first-aid kit etc.