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Kayak Training Nepal

Rafting in Nepal is ever most popular and awesome outing adventure which attracts many paddlers from all over the world.   Due to Nepal’s vast range of natural land orientation which varied highest Himalayan Peak Mt Everest to Terai Plain Land 60m from the sea level as a lowest elevation within 150 Km wide in average north to south cross section. Below of the Himalayan ranges in between mid hill area’s hidden valley merged bents of snow fed mighty rivers offer thundering rapids with world class whitewater runs.  Probably among Young Heart Paddlers and whitewater adrenaline thrill seekers rafting in Nepal gives chance to experience and taste of real Himalayan splash flow together encounter with typical local cultures and ethnical life styles are truly exploration.

The Major river system is consisting in Nepal, Koshi in the east, Gandaki in the center part and Karnali in the west. Respectively it's all major tributes are located various destinations of the country side and most popular rafting in Nepal as day family rafting to multiday wilderness expedition as well kayaking runs for hobby paddler Junkies to world famous pros. At our organization RAFTIN STAR together we have committed only a motto to socialize whitewater rafting in Nepal for every level of adventure lovers. We always look forward your participant to join hand in hand with us to make happen 100% safe and unforgettable big Himalayan Whitewater Wash in life time.

Kayak Clinic

Come to Nepal, join our Kayak Clinic and experience the excitement of Whitewater Kayaking on warm and friendly rivers!

On the basic four-day kayak course (longer courses are also popular and can be easily arranged) our instructors start you off with basic skills in calm water and build from there. The course progresses at your own pace, giving you a solid grounding in safe kayaking principles. By the end of the four days you will be able to read the water, maneuver your kayak through the rapids and have fun on any river.

Upon completion of your kayak course, you are welcome to join us on a longer trip with raft support.

Sunkoshi River Kayak Course for 4 days. (Multi day beach Camping)

*Day 1st: Morning Departure from Kathmandu to Rafting Star Camp (2 hrs Drive private transportation). Camp briefing, breakfast and       equipment selection will be done after reaching camp. After lunch heading towards river with instructor to learn variety of basic paddling skills such as basic paddling strokes, kayak carry, wet exit, self rescue, T-rescue, ferry cross etc.


*Day 2nd: After breakfast we will paddle Sunkoshi River Downstream, where we will practice river running skills, river signals, eddy in/out, Eskimo roll etc and after short lunch break and rest we will practice those same skills again and continue paddling. Rapid includes II-III grade. We will camp at the soft beautiful sandy beach of Sunkoshi River. You will be accompanied by Oar raft and a comprehensive river crew of Rafting Star. We will spend 6 hrs in water.


*Day 3: Next morning continue Kayaking, after breakfast, rapids includes Grade II-III rapids. We will practice river running skill, rapid scouting, safe and fun run, T-rescue, Kayak Rolls. We will spent up to 6 hrs in River. Camping at beach.


*Day 4: We will paddle downstream and finish the trip at Nepalthok, After some good stretch paddling of river  will take out, we will have lunch and load all the equipments in bus/van. 3 hrs drive to Kathmandu.


Kayak Expedition

River Run Kayaking

At the foot of the Himalayan Mountains, Nepal is blessed with an amazing diversity of rivers. Simply put, we live in a white water enthusiast’s paradise with a massive variety of kayaking adventures to tempt any level of peddler. From convenient ½ day excursions to full on 12 day river expeditions, the possibilities are endless! Exploring Nepal via the river is a unique way to get off the beaten track and embrace our unique culture, pristine wilderness and diverse wildlife more intimately. Experienced kayakers are invited to join our white water rafting adventures and enjoy the comforts and safety of the group environment. Alternatively you may simply hire a kayak and/or a guide and enjoy your own eco adventure!

If you are a already part of the paddling community, then you know that running a river is not just about the thrill of running the rapids, but about sharing a unique river culture, good times with friends from around the world, riverside camping, exploring new places, challenging yourself and embracing what Mother Nature has provided us in a totally unique wilderness environment.

Kayak Exploration