Family Rafting

Rafting is a great way to enjoy your time with family. Do not think you are too old for such stuff or that your child is too young for that. A river trip is different from any other vacations. Where else can you experience the thrill of passing through rapids, paddle waves, play sand volley-ball, relax on your own private sand beach accompanied by sounds of nature, enjoy delicious food cooked for you, and swap stories sitting by the candles on the sand all in the same day? And more over you can experience all these together with your family! Nepal is blessed with an abundance of rivers, it is the land where everyone finds river right for him. On what other vacation could people range from 7 up to … - there is no up age limit! Rafting is adventure for all! Make a trip which makes a difference!

Rafting with Kids
Try outdoor water adventure together with your kids. If your child is already 7 years old-this adventure for your family! Explore active way of holidays by paddling friendly rapids of Nepal's rivers together with your children. Enjoy being at nature surrounded by dazzling scenery of mountains, traditional settlements, accompanied by sounds of water and singing of birds. Whatever length of the trip you desire you'll find right what you are looking for.

Everyday Rafting

If you are short of time we provide one day rafting trip as we have everyday rafting in Nepal. Your trip will start at morning and in the evening you'll be driven back to Katmandu by private transport. Just a one day but this day has so much for you to enjoy! Explore rapids of Trishuli River which are playful, yet still provide a thrill for the entire family, enjoy wonderful views of nature and time together with your family. Even one day on the river makes a difference! A river trip helps to escape hectic day to day rush, it helps you simply to enjoy life, to be with people who you love. A river trip brings out the best in people, it fulfills you with plenty of new experience and strength, brings you good mood, it is the easiest and the best way to feel happiness of spending time with family exploring new things at nature.

Rafting Picnic

Spend two days enjoying the sights and sounds of Trishuli River or our new destination low Sun Koshi river, camping riverside and spending time with your family.

After rafting time for playing, exploring surroundings or relaxing on a sandy beach of the river. Our guides set up the camp, cook meals. After a delicious meal and stories by the candles, we settle in for a quiet night in the tents on the sandy beach.

Adrenaline Runs

With eight of the world’s 14 highest mountains, epic valleys and rivers with personalities that run from gentle to ferocious, Nepal is one of the most famous outdoor destinations on the planet. But visitors are just starting to discover that the adventure-sports scene consists of more than just trekking. Rafting world-class rapids, soaring among the Himalaya on a paraglider and taking a plunge on one of the world’s highest bungee jumps are just a few of the ways to get your blood pumping.

With an outstanding selection of rivers, there are choices suitable for all levels, from fun Grade 2 and 3 rapids, to hardcore rides with waves that will flip you into raging torrents of water (if that is your thing). Nepal is also famous for its multiday trips, such as a 12-day journey into the wilderness along the remote Karnali River. Or if you are short on time, there are day trips along the Trisuli River that will have you back in Kathmandu by evening. But arguably the crowning jewel is the Sun Kosi, a wild ride along monster rapids that begins near the Tibetan border.

White-water rafting is possible year round, except during monsoon season from June to August. October and November are considered the prime months to grab a paddle.

Rafting Expedition

Rafting Expedition in Nepal is one of the most adventurous sports in Nepal. Rafting star provides rafting expedition in Major River of Himalayan range of Nepal. Sunkoshi river expedition, Karnali river expedition, Kali Gandaki river expedition, and Tamor river expedition are the major packages. we operate rafting pexpedition package with professional guide and experienced safety kayakers with world class equipments. Rafting expedition holiday is one of the most attractive adventure sports for adventure lovers. Himalayan Rivers run down from north to south making gores and lot of biodiversity can be seen in Himalayan Rivers. The source of fresh water is from glacier which is build from ice melting from Himalayan Mountains. Snake rivers in nepal with lot of turning and bends, high descend of water in sloppy Himalayan gores are the features with extreme adventurous world class rapids and tides.

Sunkoshi River Expedition

 The sun koshi river expedition is one of the top ten classic river expedition trip in the world. Total 9 day trip and approximately 270 Km of long whitewater rafting with real wilderness adventure in Himalayan kingdom Nepal. The  most popular rapids of this river are Meat Grinder,  Harkapur, Big Dipper, Jaws, Dead man’s eddy, Jungle Corridor, Rhino rock, Roller Coaster truly challenging for everyone. Sun Koshi rafting expedition follows all the way of gorges from deep valley of the east Nepal. From Kathmandu easy road access to Dolalghat further 5 km at Rafting Star Camp put in point. Which takes about two hours drive to reach there, after breakfast we prepare all the journey logistics then we will depart for the river trip.

Karnali River expedition

The Karnali River expedition is one of the  unique and nomad wild west exploration on big volume white water flow with high descend with natural gores like snake river .Karnali River Rafting trip begind after starting drive from Kathmandu, it takes approximately overnight journey to Surkhet first where you will reach early morning time. We have breakfast there then continue another 4-5 hour journey to Dhungeswor put in point. You will travel via newly built Karnali highway. First day you will get few hours short rafting and overnight at soft crystal clear sandy beach campsite. The from another day the real classic style karnali rafting will begin, along the trip you will encounter some of the very popular rapids like- Sweetness and Light, Human for Lunch, Jail House, God’s House, Juicer and many nameless continue corner bent rapids day by day. Karnali rafting will be filled with exiting and pure exploration which can heal and retreat your total body, mind and soul.

Kali Gandaki Expedition

The Kali Gandaki Rafting is most popular medium length classic expedition river of Nepal. It is Asia’s oldest one river which is originated from marginal Himalayan range of Tibet and passes through all the way down of Upper Mustang valley. It cut the bottom of Annapurna I (8091m) and giant Mt Dhaulagiri (8167m) which also known as deepest gorge of the planet. Now, you could do rafting on just three days because of the dam along, about 90 km distance. However it has some of the big volume rapids like Small Brother, Big Brother and Good Morning are ever challenging run. Nepal’s only the river which has available many ammonite fossils and strong roof remaining about the Himalayan was under the sea before 70 million years ago.

Kali Gandaki River was there before Himalayan born and falling into Tethis Sea. After the sea disappeared, the Kali Gandaki keeps continue flow towards southern direction and blocked by two giant peaks Annapurna and Dhaulagiri but the flow of the water never stopped which formed the present Holy Kali Gandaki River. So it is undoubtedly worth to raft once if you are truly looking for Nepal’s most varied landscape with rare wilderness experience. Never miss this chance if you are doing popular Annapurna trek may this rafting could add best essence of Nepal visit.

Tamor River Expedition

The Tamor River expedition trip is one of the adventurous as well as wild white water surfing destination in the eastern part of Nepal. This rafting expedition trip starts from Dovan along the main route of Kanchenjunga trek. On the way you enjoy hiking journey about three days. You will trek further of Basantapur via Chauki, village, Mangalabare, Gupha Pokhari, Gurja up to Dovan where we will spend last night stay of the great trek at river beach camp. Tamur River rafting is ever renowned as one of the best classic wilderness challenge of East Nepal. After the beautiful trek days at Dovan rafting put in point you will prepare classic rafting journey. Next day at Dovan early morning you will have a breakfast then commences the rafting and it will follow until Chatara. About four days you will have almost flow with flat section long and some great rapids. But the further bridge of Mulghat action you never can imagine. There are mind blowing rapids which some of them great adrenaline run. Together along the beach camping site nearby you will encounter typical indigenous kirat culture of east Nepal.

Extreme Adventure Rafting

Rafting, Kayaking and Canyoning the fact that you want to raft down Nepal's challenging rivers means that you have long ago graduated from the nursery school of "Row, row, row your boat". The many 'raftable' rivers in Nepal meander between canyons, villages, and virgin forests, wildlife, like needle through thread, weaving the country's rich tapestry of ethno-culture and bio-diversity. Originating in the bowels of the Himalayas, these rivers flow across the length and breadth of Nepal and neighboring India, before emptying mostly into the Bay of Bengal.

Rafting is inarguably the best way of exploring Arcadian Nepal. The waters offer something to everybody: from grade 5-5+ rivers with many raging white water rapids for the brave and the adventurous, to grade 2-3 rivers with a few rapids for the laid-back type. The beautiful thing is that just about anybody, whether old or very young, can raft. Moreover, it can either be a two-week trip or a 2-3 day trip-you decide.

Fishing and Birding

The best season to go fishing on the white waters is before and after the monsoon from February till April and October and November. Fishing is all the more fun in mountain streams and in a country like Nepal where we have such a beautiful nature; we can not stay without enjoying it.

Thus we include fishing and birding during our rafting program which puts on more fun and enjoyment for our guest.

Corporate Group

We cater our service to all kind of clients/guest, be it a free individual traveler who wants to join in a group or be it the staffs and team member of a corporate companies and firms. We give our best of serve to our clients from corporate organizations with or without package as per their wish. Organizing a rafting/kayaking package program for various types of corporate groups is one of the best thing we do.

Photography & Filming

Since rafting/kayaking is a very eye catching and interesting thing to do which brings out the adrenaline thing out of you. Clients who have an interest of photography and filming related to rafting, kayaking, fishing, and birding can step into our doors as we do arrange and bring up rafting programs for such kind of clients too.

Rafting and Yoga Retreat

Rafting brings out the wilder and enthusiastic part of you while it also brings you nearer to the beauty of the nature. These feelings of in touch with nature can a boosting power to those who would like to enjoy the charm of nature with Yoga. Yoga which is itself a refreshing exercise can be a part of the rafting package as per the demand of the client who comes for more than a day rafting.