Sunkoshi Rafting

SunKoshi (River of Gold)                                                                                                                                           Difficulty in Nov:  Class 3+

From:                      Dolalght (Alt. 625m)

To:                            Chatara (Alt. 105m

Distance:                 260 Km (170 miles)

River Days:               8 – 10

From Kathmandu: 3 hours.

Av. Gradient:          2mlkm (10ft a mile)

Volume in Nov:      400cms (14,000cfs)

Best Season:            Sep-Oct & May

Sun Koshi River Rafting is one of the most popular classic expedition top ten river trip in the world. It is Nepal foremost expedition river which allows 8-10 days fantastic journey in the Himalayan. Total approximately 270 Km of long incredible stretch and exhilarating whitewater section undoubtedly add you to enjoy real wilderness adventure of Nepal. Some of the most popular rapids of this river are Meat Grinder,  Harkapur, Big Dipper, Jaws, Dead man’s eddy, Jungle Corridor, Rhino rock, Roller Coaster truly challenging for everyone. Sun Koshi rafting follows all the way of gorges from deep valley of the east Nepal and along several other major tributes will join to add huge volume flow. From Kathmandu easy road access to Dolalghat further 5 km at Rafting Star Camp put in point. Which takes about two hours drive to reach there, after breakfast we prepare all the journey logistics then we will depart for the river trip.

Probably, Sun Koshi River Rafting trip allow you to enjoy with its rare unique experiences and you may have great photographic opportunities. Along the trip you will also encounter awesome local culture and some of the rare tradition of colorful ethnical livelihood reflections. Together you will also visit the holy Hindu shrine Barahakshetra which is consider as God’s third foremost formation as Baraha (Pig-as mammals). So do not miss this Sun Koshi rafting trip once if you are visiting Nepal may add your exotic holiday complete difference. We Rafting Star team guaranteed you to enjoy and filled in your mind an unforgettable moments of lifetime.  We always wish you were there someday again and paddling together.

Day 01: Early morning departure from Kathmandu, 2 hrs drive and we reach rafting operation camp/ resort, have breakfast and we paddle upper section of Sunkoshi. Have a Lunch and we have final preparation for Sunkoshi expedition. We set up Oar raft, pack all the food barrel, camping set and kitchen etc.

Day 02: After breakfast, we launch all our raft, kayaks in river, tie the stuffs in raft and paddle downstream. Camp at beach. This is pretty much easy and warm up day with few class 2 to below 3 rapid. We will have lunch by the beach along the river journey. Here is Some regular program some fun game at evening by campfire accompanied by rum punch.

Day 03: Day starts with Tea/ coffee, have breakfast and pack the camp, load raft and continue rafting. Chamere bhir, mid grander are the significant rapid and camp at Tamakoshi river confluence.

Day 04: Day start with same program, rapids are: valentine valentino, motorcycle,  high anxiety, pre anxiety, post anxiety etc. Camp by the Harkapur rapid.

Day 05: Same in morning. After few hours of paddling we encounter Harkapur 1, Harkapur 2 major (5+) and Harkapur 3  rapid, we scout and decide. After the rapid, we see Dudh Koshi river joining into Sunkoshi, big eddies. Camp at Phiure Camp (camp named after one of interesting local guy)

Day 06: Same in morning. The very first rapid is Judge and dead man eddy, which we run after scouting. There some more interesting rapids, Raxi Roller, Rhino Rock rapid.

Day 07: Same in morning: we enter in Jungle corridor, where the rapid are, no kiss, elves daw, roller coaster, Tea up to cousion. All the rapids are have very short flat water interval that mean you don’t want to underestimate any eddy line or wave.  At the end we will have beautiful water fall, lunch time and we continue paddling and camp.

Day 08: Same routine, the major rapids are: black hole, big deeper, AA skip and camp at Tribeni, three river confluence, Arun, Tamor river with Sun koshi. Last day in river, celebration.

Day 09: Same morning Routine: river becomes much wider and this section is considered as habitat for crocodile as well, so no swimming. few hours paddling, visit Baraha Temple and finish at Chatara, pack, load the bus, lung and drive back to Kathmandu or transfer to airport.

Day 10: Evening dinner party and tipping appreciation for river crew staffs which is optional.


River wear

shorts or half pant, T-shirts (long sleeve for sun protection), swim wear, sun cap, sun glass, suntan cream, personal water bottle, a pair of river sandal etc

For camp site

personal sleeping bag, lightweight shirts, T-shirts, trouser/pant, under garments, socks, a towel, light shoe, fleece type jacket, flash light, personal toiletries, camera, reading and writing materials, medication recommended by your private doctor or personal first-aid kit etc.