Terms & Conditions

  1. Booking & Payment Conditions
    Prices are quoted in $USD. Payment can be made in $USD cash or equivalent local Nepalese Rupees at the published bank exchange rate on the day of payment. Credit cards and PayPal payments incur a 4% surcharge. A minimum non-refundable deposit of 25% deposit is required at time of booking in order to secure your participation. Balance of final payment is due no later than 48 hours prior to departure.
  2. Cancellation Policy
    If Rafting Star chooses to cancel a trip for any reason, an immediate full refund will be provided. If you wish to cancel for any reason, the following penalties apply:
    30 days or more prior to departure 25% penalty
    15 - 29 days prior to departure 50% penalty
    2 - 14 days prior to departure 75% penalty
    less than 48 hours prior to departure 100% penalty - zero refund
    Cancellation due to illness such as travelers' diarrhea is not considered an emergency and full penalties will apply. If you are booking this trip in advance from overseas, we recommend purchasing cancellation & interruption insurance in order to protect you from such unexpected situations. Under no circumstances will refunds or transfers be considered if you do not show up at the departure point or if you voluntarily (or involuntarily) leave a trip prematurely.
  3. Common Sense & Basic Rules for Participation
    Participants of any Rafting Star encouraged to respect the local people, culture and environment. If you do (or bring) drugs, purposely injure a fellow participant or crew member, purposely damage equipment, steal from a fellow participant or crew member or break the local law in any way - you will be asked to leave the trip immediately at your own expense with absolutely no refund, and we may choose to press charges and incur penalties. You are welcome to drink alcohol, but please do so in moderation and only once at camp and all adventure activities are completed for the day. White water rafting and kayaking are adventurous activities and intoxicated participants are an extreme risk to themselves, fellow participants as well as to our guides, whose job is to keep you safe. If you are found drinking alcohol immediately before or during any of our activities you will be asked to leave the trip immediately at your own expense.
  4. Waiver of Risk
    I have read, fully understand and agree to the terms and conditions as provided to me by Rafting Star with regards to the trip I am joining. I recognize the realities and risks involved with the related adventure activity and I take full responsibility for any injury or loss during my participation. I fully understand the relative remoteness, rough travel conditions, unpredictable weather, unstable political environment and relatively limited medical facilities, and I am prepared to accept such challenges and consequences. I also appreciate that rivers and rapid grades fluctuate and Rafting Star cannot guarantee exact conditions per any descriptions made in any marketing collateral. I have read and clearly understand all cancellation policies, and am prepared to accept any penalty in the event of my unexpected cancellation. By signing up for a trip, I release Rafting Star of any responsibility for my loss or injury during my participation, and I agree to all terms and conditions outlined.