Accessible packages

We also have the accessible everyday rafting packages. Mostly we run everyday rafting at Bhotekoshi and Jalbirae river.

About Jalbirae River – Also Known as Balephi Khola it is one of the smaller tributaries of the Sunkoshi, joining that river a short distance upstream of Dolalghat and only long 50km from Kathmandu. The river rises on the southern slopes of Dorje Lakpa(6990m) one of the mountains to the north est of Kathmandu and at the head of Langtang Valley.

Jalbirae trip can be an intense, fun, tight, technical and active trip however it does need the right water level so is only possible for a couple of months each year “Best season Oct-Nov,Feb-May”.

About Bhote koshi rafting – It is one of the best short and mild class rafting and has many class 3+ rapids. Of course technically it is also count more challenging than the big volume rivers like Trishuli and Seti. It is continues section of Upper Bhote Koshi and ideal for everyone as novices. It allows you to get chance to test swift flow of some fantastic rapids with awesome sceneries along river journey. You can raft in this section for day trip and stay at Rafting Star Camp to enjoy overnight halt. It is located nearby rafting ending point is called Tunibote, Sukute just 65 Km away from Kathmandu.

Accessible Trips

Rafting + Overnight Stay(Lower bhotekoshi and camp)

Best short and mild class rafting (lower bhotekoshi), best outing destination for swift trips.

1 day rafting + canyoning(Lower bhotekoshi and chati river)

One day rafting at lower bhotekoshi river and canyon at chati khola near bhotekoshi.

2 days rafting (Lower Bhotekosi & Jalbire)

Do you want to raft in two rivers in two days (Lower bhotekoshi and jalbire)

2 days Rafting +Canyoning (Lower Bhotekosi & Jalbire River)

Do you want rafting and Canyoning in one trip? Then this package is suitable for you.

3 days Rafting + Canyoning + Kayaking (Lower Bhotekoshi & Jalbire River)

Do you want rafting, Canyoning and kayaking in one trip? Then this package is suitable for you.